Illinois Tech Community Reporting Form Now Available

The Illinois Tech Community Reporting Form is now available. The form may be used to report concerning or threatening behavior, sexual misconduct/harassment, or any general incidents that involve an Illinois Tech student. Click here to view the form, which can also be found at

Incidents that pose an immediate safety concern should be immediately reported to Public Safety. Public Safety may be reached at 312.808.6363 (emergency) or 312.808.6300 (non-emergency).

Incident reports submitted via the Community Reporting Form will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs for appropriate follow-up. Please note that although community members may report incidents anonymously, anonymous reporting may make it difficult for the university to appropriately respond to a reported incident. Contact with any questions.

Illinois Institute of Technology is committed to ensuring an environment for all members of the Illinois Tech community that is fair, humane, and respectful – an environment that supports and rewards student, faculty and staff performance on the basis of the relevant considerations such as ability and effort. Behaviors that inappropriately assert sexuality as relevant to student, faculty, or staff performance damage this environment. Therefore, Illinois Tech will provide for its students, faculty and staff an educational and employment environment free from unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct or communications constituting sexual harassment as defined and otherwise prohibited by local, state, and federal law.