Important Notice to Students About Printing Options with PaperCut

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) hopes students are enjoying the ability to enable their print releases from their mobile devices using the HAWKi mobile app. This new functionality is made possible with the upgrade to HAWKi and the new university-wide printing system called PaperCut.

OTS would like students to know that PaperCut’s default setting is for simplex (one-sided) printing; this is in contrast to the prior printing system in which the default setting was for duplex (two-sided) printing.

If students would like to continue to support the ‘go green’ initiative, save some money, and utilize duplex printing, they will need to change their printer settings prior to sending their documents to the print queue. If anyone is not familiar with how to do this, after selecting the printer you wish to use, select “Printer Properties,” and change the setting to “Print on both sides.”

As you may know, PaperCut provides students with another enhancement by eliminating the need for students to load money when their free printing credits run out; students can now simply use TechCash instead. In addition, by introducing one system for all Illinois Tech campuses, students can print wherever they are, which was not previously possible.

If you have any questions about the new printing system, please contact the Support Desk at, call 312.567.3375 (x7DESK), or visit the second floor of the Galvin Library.