Important Update on the Revised Schedule for Illinois Tech’s New Voicemail-Service Rollout

As you know, on May 2, 2019, Illinois Tech began the process of replacing the university’s voicemail system with a Mitel cloud-based voicemail solution.

In Phase I of this project, you are able to access the new voicemail using the default passcode 194075 to set up your name, greetings, etc. and get used to the mechanics of the new system, but you are not yet able to receive voicemails on that system; instead, all of your voicemail messages continue to be delivered to Illinois Tech’s current voicemail system, Audix.

On Friday, May 24, Phase II of the project was slated to begin, i.e., Illinois Tech’s voicemail system would switch to Mitel Cloud and you would receive your voicemails through the new system. (Note: Moffett Campus was on a different schedule.)

During this transition from Phase I to Phase II, however, after extensive and thorough testing of the new voicemail system, the university found some issues that the vendor is still trying to resolve; these glitches will need to be fixed before the university can move to Phase II.

Therefore, for the time being, the Illinois Tech community will remain in Phase I, and the university will not be moving to Phase II on Friday, May 24. You will continue to be able to access the new voicemail system to set up your name, greetings, etc. and get used to the mechanics of the new system, but your voicemail messages will continue to be delivered to Audix.

The university will keep you posted as to the revised schedule for the remainder of the new voicemail-system rollout.

As a reminder, on all Illinois Tech campuses, there is a new phone number for setting up your greetings, etc. and retrieving your Mitel voicemails, i.e., 1.312.808.6423 (1.312.80VOICE) or “VOICE” (x86423 on campus). When you dial that number and the attendant says “Please enter your mailbox ID,” just enter your five-digit Illinois Tech extension.

For more information on how to set up your new voicemail, etc., please refer to the Quick Reference Guide to the New Mitel Voicemail. If you are interested in a more detailed description of the new Mitel voicemail system, please refer to the User Guide for Mitel’s Clearspan Personal Voice Portal.