IPRO Day Recognition Awards

The culmination of the summer semester’s Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program was held on IPRO Day November 22, 2013 with 67 teams presenting their semester-long work throughout the main floor of Hermann Hall. Dedicated panels of workplace professionals, faculty and graduate students spent the day judging the IPRO projects and voting on the best exhibits.

The IPRO Program would like to thank all of the students, faculty, guests, judges and sponsors for making this the best IPRO Day yet.

Following the exhibit judging and lunch, IPRO Day participants gathered in the Hermann Hall Auditorium for the closing award ceremony, where the Top Tracks and Best Video were announced. The following is a breakdown of the winners:

IPRO Day Video Winner:

IPRO 497-01A (Journey Worlds- Video) 

Track Winners: 

Track 1: Interaction & Social Innovation
IPRO 352: Applying Mobile Technology to Enhance Psychological Research on Depressive Symptoms
Track 2: Sustainable Solutions for Non-Renewable Resources
351: Improving Efficiency of Coal-Fired Power Plants Operating Beyond Their Design Life
Track 3: Process Improvements for the Industrial Landscape
342: Analysis of Truck Steering and Chassis System On-the-Road Performance
Track 4: Community Engagement Cluster
497-01D: Social Innovation Workshop for Developing Countries
Track 5: Agriculture Innovation Cluster 
497-02C: Site Preparation for Community Gardens & Urban Farms
Track 6: STEM Education Cluster
IPRO 497-03C: Developing K-3 Teaching Modules on Human-Made World
Track 7: Entrepreneruship & New Ventures Innovation
497-04B: The Quantified Self: Managing Diabetes
Track 8: IPRO 2.0 Interprofessional by Design
397-100-B2: SPLASH
Track 9: IPRO 2.0 Interprofessional by Design
397-100-A1: Smart Helmet
Track 10: IPRO 2.0 Interprofessional by Design
397-300-D2: GameOn
Track 11: IPRO 2.0 Interprofessional by Design
397-200-B2: ARC App
Track 12: IPRO 2.0 Interprofessional by Design
397-200-E2: AuthenTo-Go 
Track 13: IPRO 2.0 Interprofessional by Design
397-100-D2: markIITplace

Dean’s Choice:
School of Applied Technology
IPRO 497-01A: Developing Teaching Modules for  Journey World
IPRO 497-01C: Developing K-3 Teaching Modules on Human-Made World

Lewis College of Human Sciences
IPRO 361: Virtual/Physical Gaming that Bridges the Generations

College of Architecture
IPRO 350: ProSolutions – Prosthetic Solutions for the Working World

College of Science
IPRO 346: Sky’s the Limit

Armour College of Engineering
IPRO 350: ProSolutions – Prosthetic Solutions for the Working World