‘Jane Olin: In the Company of Trees’ Exhibit on Display at Galvin Library

Trees have played a meaningful role in Jane Olin’s life since childhood. Climate change and human mismanagement now threaten trees across the globe, but new research reveals previously unknown information about their complex social structures and ecological relationships. With renewed curiosity and a sense of urgency, Olin embarked on a wide-ranging exploration of trees.

In the Company of Trees features photographs from that undertaking—the most recent additions to her series, Intimate Conversation. Olin’s expressive approach and her innovative process prints reveal a haunting and singular perspective on trees. Her work conveys both the seeds of hope and the seeds of impending destruction, which only human beings can resolve.

This exhibit is on display in the Kemper Room, Paul V. Galvin Library (upper level), until March 31. Download a brochure here.