LifeWorks August Feature: Positive Mental Health for Success

LifeWorks, Illinois Tech’s Employee Assistance Program, offers a new work-life balance highlight each month. This month’s feature is Positive Mental Health for Success. Managers have an additional feature on Promoting Positivity at Work.

With approximately 70 percent of mental illnesses and addictions taking root in childhood and adolescence, getting a healthy start is vital. You can guide your child through this important time of life by listening to them, accepting that you can’t control every aspect of their life, and learning new ways to support and love them. For more tips, read Building a Good Relationship with Your Teenager. If you are concerned that your child may be struggling with a mental health issue, you can also read Mental Health Disorders in Children and Childhood Depression.

There are lots of ways managers can spread positivity at work. For ideas, read Quick Tips for Keeping a Positive Attitude or read Bringing Out the Best in the People You Manage. You can also visit the For Managers section of the Support & Resources section of the LifeWorks website for more helpful content.

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