LifeWorks June Feature: Take Care of Your Brain

LifeWorks, Illinois Tech’s Employee Assistance Program, offers a new work-life balance highlight each month. This month’s feature is Take Care of Your Brain. Managers have an additional feature on The Importance of Mental Fitness at Work.

We all know the importance of physical fitness in keeping us healthy and resilient through our lives. What you may not know is that mental fitness is equally important. For tips on taking care of your mental fitness, read Four Pillars of Mental Fitness. If you need tips to boost your mind, visit the infographic 5 Ways to Boost Your Mental Energy and read the article How Staying Active Helps Well-Being.

You will need Illinois Tech’s user ID and password, available on the HR Portal, to gain access. To LifeWorks:

  • Username/Password: HR Portal Employee Assistance Program page
  • Online:
  • Toll-free, 24/7 phone line: 888.456.1324
  • En español: 888.732.9020
  • TTY: 800.999.3004
  • Download the “LifeWorks” app, available in iTunes and Google Play

For more information on LifeWorks, please visit the HR Portal Employee Assistance Program page.