Mandatory myIIT Password Rotation Begins January 28

Proper password management is very important to keeping personal and work information secure. To maintain a secure computing environment, IIT will be instituting a password rotation procedure that requires users to change their myIIT password at a minimum of once a year.

The new procedure will go into effect on Monday, January 28, 2013. At that point, all users who have not updated their passwords in the past year will be prompted to change their portal passwords when they sign into myIIT.

myIIT manages passwords for most IIT systems, including Google Apps, network registration and computer lab access. When you change your portal password, it may take a few minutes for the new password to sync with these other systems. You may also be prompted to type your new password on mobile devices that connect to Google Apps.

Going forward, users will be prompted to change their password one year from the last time it was updated. OTS recommends that users regularly update their password for security and to avoid future forced password resets.

Find more information about selecting a secure password at

Contact the OTS Support Desk at or 312.567.3375 if you have any problems changing your password.