New IIT Online Payment System for Offices, Departments, Student Groups, Conferences, and More

IIT has implemented a new online payment system as a vastly improved alternative to The new system from Touchnet, the provider of IIT’s tuition and fee payment system, simplifies accounting and records for auxiliary services, administrative offices, academic departments, and other IIT organizations that process credit card payments. Called myStores, the new system provides an easier, faster process with better reporting functions, eliminates credit card fees, enables the receipt of electronic check (ACH) payments, reduces administrative expenses, and complies with PCI credit card industry standards.

myStores functions as a kind of online marketplace, with individual stores for offices, departments, such as Campus and Conference Centers, which will be among the first available myStores. At their myStore, the CCC will allow registration payment processing for a variety of events held on campus.

The system will still function as normal in the short term, with the goal of phasing the system out by 2011, as existing and new groups open their myStores.

Benefits for Offices/Departments/Groups
• Enables easy online payments for events, tickets, donations, merchandise, and more
• Simplified accounting & reporting
• Automatic, immediate deposit of received payments
• Easy to create and customize your own myStore

Benefits for Users
• Payment transaction security
• Ease of use
• Make multiple payments at once

If your office, department, or group accepts online payments or would like to start, contact to begin setting up your own myStore today.