Quick Access Printing Now Available at Galvin Library

Have you ever stopped by the library to print something and couldn’t find an open computer?

Now, located on the lower level Group Study Suite reception desk, there is a laptop that you can use to access a document online or through a USB drive and send the job to the nearby printer for quick and easy pickup. This computer cannot and should not be used for surfing the internet, but serves only to send print jobs to the computer.

Although students have requested a computer where they can quickly print a document rather than waiting for an open computer in the library, library staff and OTS strongly encourage students to use remote printing. Remote printing allows you to send a print job to any remote printer on campus from home, office, wherever, and the job is held for 24 hours for you until you pick it up. Both the upper level and lower level printers at Galvin Library are remote printers and there are locations scattered across campus. Remote printing links to your student printing account. Read more about using remote printing.

Printing services are provided by the Office of Technology Services (OTS).