No Cost OTC COVID-19 Tests for Illinois Tech Health Plan Members

Members of Illinois Tech’s employer health plan (medical coverage through BCBS, pharmacy coverage administered through CVS/Caremark) are eligible to receive up to eight over-the-counter (OTC) COVID tests per member per month at no cost.

The OTC COVID tests are covered under the plan’s pharmacy benefit, though CVS/Caremark. Members who try to seek reimbursement through Blue Cross Blue Shield will have their claims denied under the medical benefit.

There are three options for covering the cost of these tests: Point of Sale, Direct Reimbursement, and Direct Coverage.

  • Point of Sale: This allows covered members to place orders via or the CVS app at zero cost when they log in and order through their account. Members will be able to search by zip code for a location near them with available tests, place their order, and will be notified once their order is ready for pickup. This option does not require payment of any kind.
  • Direct Reimbursement: For those who purchase OTC COVID-19 tests somewhere other than a CVS pharmacy counter, or at CVS locations that are not able to accommodate the Direct Reimbursement option described below, members can upload a copy of their receipt of the OTC COVID tests purchased via to submit for reimbursement or submit a paper claim. Reimbursements will be the lesser of (i) the full retail price paid, or (ii) the lesser of the $12 per test reimbursement limit established by the Biden Administration.
  • Direct CoverageCoverage for the OTC COVID tests at the point of sale with no upfront out of pocket cost for members is available at CVS Pharmacy locations only. Please note that the OTC tests must be purchased at the pharmacy counter directly in order to use this method. Those purchasing OTC COVID tests at a CVS retail counter must use the Direct Reimbursement method listed above.

Click here for additional information. Health plan members can also contact CVS/Caremark customer service at 844-283-279.

Individuals with questions regarding Illinois Tech benefits can reach out to Viktoria Rill in the Office of Human Resources at or x73353.