Opt-In to Early Gmail/Google Apps Migration

Office of Technology Services (OTS) is offering faculty and staff an opportunity to opt-in for early migration of your username@iit.edu account to Gmail ahead of your department’s mass migration. The new Gmail accounts offer several benefits, including more storage and integration with Google Apps.

To request that your email be migrated to Gmail early, submit the opt-in form available on the Office of Technology Services website, beginning May 1.

The opt-in form will be available for two weeks. After that, OTS will follow up with eligible users to confirm you will be migrated early and the approximate schedule for the move (late May-first half of summer 2012).

To opt-in for early migration, you must meet the following criteria:
You already are familiar with the Gmail interface because you have a personal Gmail account.
You will read your username@iit.edu email ONLY online through the Gmail interface (not download to an email client, such as Outlook or MacMail).
Your email account/calendar are not currently served via Microsoft Exchange Server.

Users affiliated with Chicago-Kent College of Law, Stuart School of Business and Insitute of Design are not eligible for early migration of their @iit.edu, @stuart.iit.edu, @id.iit.edu or @kentlaw.edu accounts.

For more information about the Gmail/Google Apps migration, visit the OTS Google Apps Web page, or contact OTS Support Desk at supportdesk@iit.edu or 312.567.3375.