OTS to Disable 802.11b Support to Improve Wireless Performance on Campus

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) has continued its efforts to improve the wireless network performance on IIT Main Campus. Over the past few weeks, OTS made additional changes which have made significant improvements to wireless network performance.

As a result of a recent network study and student feedback, OTS will disable support for 802.11b wireless devices across all of Main Campus.

One contributing factor to slow wireless connections is the use of devices operating on the 802.11b protocol. While it is used by a small group with few users, it negatively impacts the quality of service and is a contributor to slower network performance experienced by the entire community. Wireless service is a shared service, and these devices create a network bottleneck.

Therefore, OTS will disable the support for 802.11b devices starting Friday, June 10, 2011. After observing the systems currently used on the wireless network, OTS expects the following systems to be impacted:

• Nintendo DS original
• Nintendo DS Lite
• Sony PSP all versions
• Other devices/equipment that use 802.11b only

OTS appreciates and value your feedback. Should this change cause you any hardship please let OTS know immediately, or if you should have additional support needs please submit a trouble ticket online or by contacting supportdesk@iit.edu or 312.567.3375.