Participants Needed for Research Study on Meal Plans

The Center for Nutrition Research is conducting a study on meal plans. It seeks to understand how diets that incorporate certain foods influence your body’s ability to metabolize blood sugar and blood lipids, like cholesterol, and help blood move through your body, including your eyes and into your brain to think better.

You may be eligible to participate in this research study if you are:

  • Between 25-70 years old
  • A non-smoker with high-normal blood sugar levels (pre­ diabetic)

This study involves:

An 8 week diet intervention where you will need to eat certain provided foods (grocery store available items).

  • 9 visits to Illinois Tech, last 1-2hours
  •  3-4 visits to Illinois Eye Institute (eye screening)
  • Blood sample collections, cognitive test, and vascular imaging will be performed.
  • Compensation of $550 will be provided after completing the entire study
  • Contact us or complete a survey online today

Complete a survey online today:

For more information, contact the Center for Nutrition Research at 312-567-5300 or