Paul V. Galvin Library Banned Books Webinar

The last week of September is Banned Books Week. Celebrate with Paul V. Galvin Library by attending a short (~20 min) webinar focused on the public release of a previously classified technical report on Friday, September 29 from 12:30–1 p.m. The report describes an investigation into potentially detonating a nuclear weapon on the lunar surface, and involved a young Carl Sagan, of Cosmos fame. The research was conducted by the Armour Research Foundation, the precursor to the IIT Research Institute (IITRI). Learn how the existence of this Cold War program, thought to have been in part a response to the Soviets’ successful Sputnik launch, was revealed, and how this reveal led to the eventual declassification of a report authored by Illinois Tech alum, inventor, Apollo program deputy director, and Peabody Award winner Leonard Reiffel.

If you are unable to view the webinar at the appointed time, you may register to have the recording sent to you to view at a later date.

Register here.