Process To Submit Projects to OTS

Have an IT project that you need help with? The Project Management Office (PMO) is here to help!  To get started, a request must be entered into the PMO workspace within Footprints. For details regarding how to enter a request please click here.
If you don’t have access to the PMO workspace in Footprints, please submit a ticket by emailing
Next, someone from the PMO will reach out to the individual departments/divisions, to discuss the priority of all project request(s) that have been submitted. Please remember only project requests submitted via the PMO workspace within Footprints will be considered for the next upcoming rotation. If you have already submitted a request in the past for a project that was not selected for the current rotation, you will be contacted to determine if the project is still relevant and if you would like it to be considered for the upcoming rotation.
After all projects have been prioritized based on the departments needs; they will be submitted to our Stakeholders Committee for rating. An average weighted score, per project, will be automatically calculated based on all ratings. The PMO will then hold a Stakeholder Committee meeting to allow discussion of the initial ratings and address any varying discrepancies within the ratings. A completed and finalized Weighted Scoring Sheet will be presented to the Provost and CIO for project selection.
The next round of projects will begin July 1, 2020 and end November 30, 2020. If you have a project you would like to be considered for the next upcoming rotation (Rotation 2, 2020), please be sure to enter all requests to the PMO Workspace within Footprints by Friday, April 10, 2020. For any additional information regarding the PMO and how we may be of assistance, please visit our web page.