Psychology Endowed Professor Ron Landis Named SIOP Fellow, Awarded Best Paper of the Year by Organizational Research Methods

The Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has named IIT Nambury S. Raju Chair of Psychology Ron Landis as a fellow. Fellow status is an honor bestowed upon SIOP members (and international affiliates) who have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in I-O psychology through research, practice, teaching, administration, and/or professional service. The contributions of nominees for fellow are evaluated in terms of impact on I-O psychology and its advancement, and their contribution to the mission of the society: “…to enhance human well-being and performance in organizational and work settings by promoting the science, practice, and teaching of industrial and organizational psychology,” and to SIOP’s core values.

A paper co-authored by Landis has been named a co-winner of the Best Paper of the Year for the journal Organizational Research Methods. The paper, The Earth Is Not Round (p = .00), written by Landis and co-author Jose Cortina, addresses the continued discussion and debate regarding the appropriate use of null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) and effect size testing (EST). Specifically, the paper examines the myth that uncritical replacement of NHST with EST will improve psychological and organizational science. The use of NHST and EST is described along with a summary of the arguments offered in support and against both. In addition to addressing the veracity of these assertions, the paper describes the concept of the translation mechanism and compares the success of NHST and EST as mechanisms. Finally, the paper suggests changes that may facilitate translation in future research.