Reminder: Effective January 8, 2021 Remote Desktop (RDP) Must Be Accessed Through VPN

Prior to the holiday break the Office of Technology Services (OTS) advised the Illinois Tech community about the rising risk of ransomware incidents and steps we all need to take to improve our cybersecurity.

OTS highlighted some steps each one of us can take to avoid becoming a target of ransomware or other cybersecurity events, one of which was to always access your remote desktop (RDP) through Illinois Tech’s virtual private network (VPN).  The VPN is a secure, encrypted Internet connection through which you can establish a safer connection to the university’s systems and your desktop.

As we mentioned, effective this Friday evening, January 8, 2021, you will not be able to access your remote desktop and work remotely unless you go through the VPN.

If you are unsure about how to access IIT’s VPN, please click here.


Thank you for your cooperation.