Shreya Jha—Psi Chi’s First Peer Counselor

_DSC2909.jpgShreya Jha has been selected as Psi Chi’s first peer counselor. In this role, Shreya will facilitate various mentally healthy activities ranging from attending a Bulls game to planning a trip to an Orchestra performance.

If you are interested in participating in a much needed break from class or simply need someone to talk to, contact Shreya directly at

Shreya’s biography is below:

I was born in India. Our family moved about a lot, and I changed schools quite often as a result. Although I became quick to adapt to situations, I hardly formed close bonds with friends as I saw these relationships as temporary. I was also exposed to different countries and cultures, and that has probably played a role in my eagerness to learn about differences among us, and to approach them as a benefit rather than as a strain.

At Illinois Tech, I have formed strong bonds with other people. These friends became the family I chose for myself. They taught me basic life skills, listened to my frustrations when I needed them, tried to teach me other languages and so on. So I realize the importance of these bonds. In my role as a peer counselor, I look forward to forming appropriate bonds, and engaging in a two way learning process.

I like to read books that help provide a deeper meaning to my life and actions in an indirect manner: Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, Rowling’s Harry Potter and Dan Brown’s Inferno happen to be in my long list of favorite books. I do watch anime, and a few of my favorite ones are Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan. Words from both books and manga that I relate to, and can learn from are often printed out and put up on my wall in the form of a collage. I try to make the most of my life and engage in as many activities as I can.

I love backpacking and adventure sports, and try to travel as frequently as possible. It helps me remove my preconceived notions about how the world is, and how it works. It helps me differentiate my own small perspective and the media reports, from reality. A few of my favorite places are in Thailand and China, although no place can compete with the familiarity of Chicago and the cities I grew up in.

Shreya plans to become an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and pursue a second career that would allow her to take adequate risks with life choices, as well as attain financial freedom. She also aims for comprehensive growth in terms of resources, knowledge, etc. in her future career.