SoReMo Accepting Applications for Student Fellows

Inspired by social justice issues? Passionate about equality? The Socially Responsible Modeling, Computation, and Design (SoReMo) Initiative invites students motivated to frame research projects from a socially responsible point of view to join this new forum.

SoReMo advocates for ethical, equitable approaches in computation, modeling, and design, contributing to the common good of Chicago and beyond through research and education initiatives at Illinois Tech.

SoReMo is offering to support students with semester-long fellowships. SoReMo Fellows will be key active participants in the forum—a place for presenting issues, challenges, solutions, roadblocks, and innovative ideas. These will be expressed through fellows’ research to be presented to a broad, interdisciplinary audience of students, faculty, and external advisers for real-world application. Fellows will gain communications training, multidisciplinary experience, and contacts across campus and the community.

The deadline to apply for a SoReMo Fellowship is Monday, January 11.

Students who are interested in activities focused on social responsibility across Illinois Tech, but who do not seek a fellowship, are more than welcome to join the SoReMo Forum as participants, with no formal application needed. Subscribe to the SoReMo general email list at to stay informed.