SoReMo Forum: The Road Toward Trustworthy AI

Join us Monday, March 22 from 12:45—1:45 p.m. for a forum with Teresa Scantamburlo of Venice University, Italy, about the challenges of designing and implementing ethical principles and guidelines for the assessment Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and the development of meaningful interdisciplinary collaborations in AI research and industry.

Teresa Scantamburlo’s research lies at the intersection of Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence, recently in the social and ethical impacts of AI, in particular, on human decision-making and social regulation. Scantamburlo is the co-editor of the forthcoming book on “Machines We Trust”.

This forum is hosted by SoReMo (Socially Responsible Modeling, Computation, and Design) initiative—a STEM mission to empower students to enact positive societal change in partnership with community stakeholders and subject matter experts from industry, academia, and government.

A Zoom link is available upon registration here.