Staff Performance Review Process for 2019

Illinois Tech’s Staff Performance Review process began on April 22. As an employee, this is the time to talk about your year, your aspirations, and work with your supervisor to lay out goals for the future. For supervisors, this is the time to provide constructive feedback on your employees’ strengths and to engage in discussion about opportunities for improvement. This is absolutely one of the most important things we do that can move the university forward. Given this importance, we are asking that all performance reviews be completed by Friday, May 31, 2019. The information below provides guidance to all involved in this process:

1. Why Performance Evaluations Are Important

Performance evaluations are critical and valuable for employees and managers. Employees at all levels deserve the opportunity to have an honest discussion about the year, receive feedback and recognition, celebrate successes, reflect on opportunities for improvement, discuss progress toward performance and professional development goals, and clarify expectations as both a manager and employee. Giving and receiving feedback, goal setting, and other related activities in the review process provide continual growth opportunities for managers and employees.

Fundamentally, the review process is about helping others succeed, which helps the organization succeed. The university is committed to supporting an employee base that is confident about what they should do, how well they are doing it, and how it supports the Illinois Tech mission. We want engaged, goal-driven employees who know what is expected of them and feel recognized and supported—this is best for individuals, teams, and the university as a whole.

2. Who Completes This Process

All supervisors (faculty members, staff members, or administrators) will need to complete performance reviews for all existing staff members who started working at Illinois Tech prior to September 1, 2018. All applicable individuals should appear in their respective supervisor’s PeopleAdmin queue.

There is one “official” supervisor in PeopleAdmin; in instances of informal shared supervisory situations, the official supervisor will still be responsible for writing and delivering the review, and others’ feedback can be collected through the multi-rater feedback function in PeopleAdmin.

Individuals are responsible for completing self-reviews, which are an important part of the process. They help your supervisor remember not only all that you accomplished, but how you were prioritizing your time and what results were most meaningful to you.

See a visual process chart for 2019 staff performance reviews below.


3. Timeline

The timeline on the HR website outlines the dates when actions must be complete in order to remain in compliance with the entire process concluding on May 31. Once the review process is initiated in the system, users are welcome to move through the process at a faster pace. It may be helpful to see an overview of this process with deadlines: 2019 Performance Review Process Flowchart.

4. Accessing the Performance Evaluation System

  1. Log in to the myIIT Portal (
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the red, 9-box grid menu.
  3. Select “Employee Portal.”
  4. Click the three dots (. . .) in the top left corner and select “Performance” from the drop-down menu.
  5. You are now in PeopleAdmin’s performance review module, and your access should allow the appropriate views depending on your role as a reviewer and/or a reviewee. You will see a line item for the review for your reviewee. Click on that, and then follow the prompts to generate the review form. Once the reviewee has acknowledged the review form in the system, you can begin the process.

5. Detailed Process Instructions

6. How Can I Get Help with this Process?

Online: All information pertaining to the annual reviews will be housed in the Performance section of PeopleAdmin, and additional instructions will be found on our website.

Supervisor Training: The Office of Human Resources will invite all supervisors to attend one of four 90-minute training sessions being offered on writing and delivering reviews. All supervisors should have received an email inviting them to attend a training session. (Contact in HR if you did not get this email.)

Office of Human Resources

  • For questions on utilizing the PeopleAdmin system, please reach out to one of the following Human Resources contacts:
    • Lisa Horne at or 312.567.3978
    • Melissa Muñoz-Rush at or 312.567.3319
  • For questions about how to do a performance evaluation, such as how to evaluate employees, how to write reviews, and how to hold performance review discussions, please contact Director of Human Resources Amit Thomas at or 312.567.3225 or Associate Vice President of Human Resources Hilary Hudson Hosek at or 312.567.3012.