Study Abroad in Scotland This Summer

Join the Illinois Institute of Technology faculty-led study abroad opportunity in Scotland from Saturday, July 11 through Saturday, August 8, 2015.

The program is open to all Illinois Tech undergraduate students. You may receive Social Sciences credit, Humanities credit or both. Students may register in one or both courses.

Course Descriptions:

PS 285/385 Scottish Politics

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to Scottish Politics, with particular emphasis on how Scotland fits politically in the United Kingdom and the European Union. Topics include Scottish political institutions, elections, public policy, and citizenship. We will discuss in depth the failed independence referendum and the forthcoming referendum on EU membership in the UK.

HUM 385 Transnational Cinema

The trend in film scholarship follows from increasingly complex production practices. How else might we explain the production of Italian spaghetti westerns, Hollywood’s re-making and repackaging of Japanese horror films, or the spread of transnational topics in documentary film? How does cinema work with nationalism? Can a film be both national and transnational? Or, does transnational cinema differ substantially from national cinema? To address these and related questions, we will be viewing films ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to independent works, from narrative dramas to experimental documentaries.

Program Highlights:

It is a great time to visit Scotland. Just recently the population voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, but it remains a very unique destination within the British Isles. What sets Scotland apart is its people. Scottish people are proud of their traditions and heritage, and are well known for their friendliness, great sense of humor and excellent education system, which has been emulated around the world. Scotland is famous for great inventions which have changed the world, including gas lighting, penicillin, television, telephone, the pneumatic tire, radar, and even the theories of electromagnetism. This spirit of pioneering discovery and quality education prevails in Scotland today.

Stirling offers the very best of Scotland. It is a friendly city which is historical yet modern, international but with a strong community feel. It is located a short drive from the stunning Scottish Highlands and less than an hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The University of Stirling campus is located on the edge of Stirling in 330 acres of stunning countryside. From the picturesque loch (lake) to an 18th-century castle, from the Ochil Hills to the towering National Wallace Monument, the University of Stirling is a feast for the eyes. It is a ten minute walk to shops, pubs and the train station, and it is recognized as one of the safest campuses in the UK.

Stirling is a great destination for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. You can go hill walking or access the a state-of-the-art fitness center, which has a 50m length swimming pool – the National Swimming Academy, the National Tennis Center, sports fields and a new football soccer academy.

Activities and Excursions Included:
– Trips to Glasgow, Edinburgh and St. Andrews
– Hill Walking (The Dumyat)
– Canoeing on the Airthrey Loch
– Golf Lesson
– Walk to Bridge of Allan and Fish and Chips experience
– “Mix it Up” event to meet other international students
– Walk to William Wallace Monument
– Information sessions on traveling around the UK and Ireland
– Farewell Scottish Ceilidh Dance – featuring a traditional Scottish ceilidh band

Classes are conveniently scheduled to allow for weekend travel. You can reach Ireland, England and Wales by train, bus or ferry.

For more information, visit the program page here or see this flyer: Summer Program Flyer. The deadline to apply has been extended to Tuesday, March 31.