Submit Your Project Requests to the PMO

Do you have a project with which you need assistance? The Office of Technology Services’ Project Management Office (PMO) is here to help! 

Our goal is to assist our colleagues across the university in completing projects that will contribute to meeting Illinois Tech’s larger strategic priorities. Through the consistent application of best practices, we provide project management, process improvement, and business-relationship-management tools and guidance on projects. To see examples of current and past projects, please click here

Project rotations

There are two rotations each year where the PMO will work with departments on their projects. The first rotation is from January through May, and the second is July through November. (June and December are used for project wrap-up, analysis, and new project selection.) If you have a project you would like considered for the upcoming rotation (January 1-May 31, 2022), please follow the instructions below. Requests for the January-May 2022 rotation are due by November 12. Project management requests can be submitted at any time, all year round, so you can also submit requests for future rotations.    

Project timing and preparation

It is important that you plan ahead for your project submissions so that we can work with you to create a project timeline that meets your needs and works with our project rotation timeline. For example, if you want to implement a new system in the beginning of the calendar year, the project needs to be conducted in the second rotation of the previous year so that there is enough time to plan, test, and implement the work. Because the PMO needs to balance staff resources among other projects, you should assume that any given project will need the full project rotation to be completed. Please plan accordingly.

It is critical that requested projects directly align with our strategic priorities, illustrate tangible cost savings (direct or through time saved), and support enterprise and cloud-based technology, where possible. All projects must demonstrate a substantial return on investment.

Who can submit a request for assistance?

Faculty and staff who are at a managerial level or above are currently able to submit a PMO request, the reason being that it is essential for project success to have departmental leadership/executive  support.

How do I submit a request?

To get started, enter a request in the PMO workspace within Footprints 11 on the myIIT portal. For guided instructions on how to enter a request, please click here. Once we receive your request, PMO staff will reach out to your department/division to discuss the priority of your project request(s). Please remember only project requests submitted via the PMO workspace within Footprints 11 will be considered for the next rotation. If you submitted a request in the past for a project that was not selected for the current rotation (Rotation 1, 2021), you will be contacted to determine if the project is still relevant and whether you would like the project to be considered again for the upcoming rotation.

How are projects selected?

After all the project requests have been prioritized based on the departments’ needs, they will be submitted to our Stakeholders Committee, made up of members from across the university. Stakeholders give each project a rating using a weighted methodology based on defined criteria tied to the achievement of Illinois Tech’s strategic goals. An average weighted score, per project, will be automatically calculated based on all ratings that were given by Committee members. A finalized Weighted Scoring Sheet will be presented to the Provost and CIO for project selection. Multiple projects are selected for each rotation. 

Don’t delay! Submit your PMO project request today!

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