Summer Course Food Law 511

You may not have thought about taking a class over the summer, FDSN Department HIGHLY ENCOURAGES you to take this summer course:

FDSN 511 Food Law and Regulations

This course is ONLY offered during the summer, and is a must for you if you want to understand the business/legal environment for the food industry in the United States. The course runs from May 31—July 23 and is online!!

Summer courses mean that you will have less credits to take in your final semester at IIT—giving you more time to focus on things like internships, research, and job preparation. If you have questions on how a summer course can benefit you and/or how it will affect you going forward, please reach out and talk to me. This really is a great opportunity. Act quickly—as in, right now!

For additional questions/information please contact Todd Diel at

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