Technology Access After Graduation

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) has created an Alumni Technology Access webpage that explains which software and services will and will not be available to you after you graduate so that you can better plan for the future. This webpage will cover all of the topics highlighted below and more!

What You Need to Know

Illinois Tech allows you to retain your university email account for life. However, your access to other university services and applications after graduation will fall into one of three categories:

  • Technology you can access indefinitely;
  • Technology you can access for 12 months post-graduation; and
  • Technology you will no longer be able to access once you graduate.

Actions We Encourage You to Take Now

  1. Transfer your important content now from Google Workspace and Microsoft OneDrive while the items you value are fresh in your mind.  
    • After you graduate, Illinois Tech provides you with a 12-month grace period during which you will still have access to Google Workspace (e.g., Drive, Photos, etc.) and Microsoft 365 (OneDrive, Word, etc.), to allow you time to transfer the files you wish to keep to your personal storage. After 12 months, you will no longer have access to Google Workspace applications, with the exception of Gmail, which will have a 500MB storage quota, or your M365 account.
  2. Ensure your permanent address is updated in your Student Dashboard if you had an on-campus job so that your W-2 form for the next tax period will be sent to the right place.
  3. Use any remaining TechCash before it expires one year from graduation.

As always, you can reach out to the OTS Support Desk at or 312-567-3175 (on campus x7DESK) with any questions you may have.

OTS wishes you the best in your future endeavors!