The Pennsylvania GenomeTrakr Consortium Advances Understanding of Salmonella Transmission, Antibiotic Resistance, and Bugs in My Food

Join the Department of Food Science and Nutrition for this FDSN Seminar Series event featuring guest speaker Edward Dudley, director of the E.coli Reference Center and professor of food science at Penn State University. The virtual event will take place at 1 p.m. on November 11.

Advances in high throughput genome sequencing during the past two decades democratized this technology across the life sciences. This talk will communicate ways that Pennsylvania’s participation in an FDA program called GenomeTrakr is advancing the understanding of Salmonella populations in wild birds, shedding light on antimicrobial resistance in resource-limited regions, and promoting DEI in the food microbiology discipline.

Click here to join the virtual event on November 11 or join by phone at ‪(262) 563-8797 PIN: ‪522 326 798#

The FDSN Seminar Series features guest lectures by invited speakers that broaden understanding and knowledge of various scientific topics and original research in food science and nutrition. Speakers include experts from academia, federal government agencies, and the food industry.

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