The X-Cube Kicks It Up a Notch

Dane Christianson (ME 3rd year) and his X-Cube

Last winter, IIT Magazine reported on Dane Christianson, now a third-year mechanical engineering student, and his X-Cube twisty puzzle invention.

On June 7, Christianson opened a Kickstarter crowdfunding page to help raise money to manufacture the puzzle for possible distribution through Marbles the Brain Store and within one week, surpassed his goal of $30,000. (As of today’s posting, more than $46,000 has been raised for the X-Cube.) Christianson made the puzzle open source, giving others the chance to download files to see just how the X-Cube works.

Visit the X-Cube Kickstarter page or watch the video Christianson made on the X-Cube that received more than 1.6 million hits during its first month posted on YouTube.