Three New Food Science Courses Available for Spring

Undergraduate students interested in exploring food science and nutrition have three new course options for Spring 2021, with both hybrid and online options available.

FDSN 210: Introduction to Culinology

Culinology is the blending of culinary arts and the science of food. If you’ve ever wanted to understand the science of cooking, this course is for you. Taught by Executive Chef Charlie Baggs of Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations, this course will introduce you to the exciting new area of culinology. Topics include principles of cooking, formula and recipe development, culinary fundamentals and production systems, flavor building, functional ingredients, and how these all integrate with food safety and sanitation. Contact Armand Paradis at for more details.

FDSN 412: Preservation Processing

Ever wonder how the food industry manages to make foods shelf stable? Learn about the perishability of different food products and how manufacturers use different technologies to preserve our food. Understand traditional technologies such as heat, as well as novel technologies like high pressure and pulsed light. If you’ve ever thought about a career in the food industry, this is a must-have course for you! Contact Kathiravan Krisnamurthy at for more details.

FDSN 413: Food Fermentation

Did you know many of your favorite foods or ingredients are fermented? These include pickles, probiotic yogurt, cheese, soy sauce, kimchi, bread, and much more. Learn about the science of food fermentation, and understand the health and other benefits of fermented foods through this course. The course will feature guest lectures from experts, virtual field trips, and includes the fun opportunity to learn to make your own fermented foods at home. Contact Kathiravan Krisnamurthy at for more details.