Digital Humanities Speaker Series Today

Two graduate students in the Humanities Department’s Graduate Program in Technology and the Humanities will present in the Digital Humanities Series on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 from  3:15 – 5 pm in Siegel 218. All are welcome to attend.

Matthew Heston will present a talk titled “Distant Reading The News: Computational Techniques for Analyzing Text” in which he’ll provide an overview of algorithms and tools to compare different texts using a corpus of the Twitter feeds of some major news sources. His current research explores open source software developer communities and how new members become accepted within those communities.

Andrew Roback will give a talk titled “Make It With Friends, Break It Yourself: Open-Source Software and Digital Humanities Research” in which he’ll share some tools that he modified for conducting DH research and talk about the challenges associated with those tools. His dissertation research explores how non-profit organizations in the Chicago area use Twitter and Facebook.