Will You Be the 2013 Undergraduate Student Commencement Speaker?

  • Are you an undergraduate student graduating this year?
  • Are you interested in being the Student Commencement Speaker?
  • Do you hold a GPA of 2.25 or above?
  • Are you an active and dedicated member of the IIT Community?
  • Do you have experience with public speaking?

If you meet these requirements, we encourage you to apply for this honor. To be considered, please submit a copy of your resume and a draft of the speech you would like to present to Vickie Tolbert in the Dean of Students Office, Room 209 MTCC (or send to dos@iit.edu) by noon on Thursday, March 28, 2013. We will select 4 – 5 finalists who will then be asked to present their commencement speech (no longer than 3-5 minutes) to the Commencement Committee. The Committee will make its decision after listening to all finalists.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to address your graduating class.