Access Illinois Tech Update – Improvements Coming November 14

This weekend the Office of Technology Services (OTS) will be deploying the next phase of Access Illinois Tech. On November 14, 2022, these are the primary changes you will see:

Accessing Your Applications

  • Please go to and sign in with your university credentials.
  • Access Illinois Tech will be your new “go-to” dashboard for most university applications and resources.

Applications Moved from the MyIIT Portal

  • All of the applications that are currently in your myIIT Portal 9-box grid (in the top-right corner of the myIIT portal) will move to the Access Illinois Tech dashboard.
  • Other resources that are hosted within the myIIT portal will remain in that location for now.

Improved Password Management

  • Your university password will be managed through Access Illinois Tech. This means you will be able to perform the following activities on your own:
    • Reset your password directly from the Access Illinois Tech login page,
    • Change your password once you have successfully logged into Access Illinois Tech;
    • Update your security question and password-recovery options; and
    • Unlock your account (without going through the Support Desk).

Note: In the event that you go to the myIIT portal and click on the 9-box icon, you will see a single icon for Access Illinois Tech, so save yourself some time by going straight to!

OTS is excited to bring you these improvements, and we will keep you posted as we continue to make changes that enhance our security and your experience.