Annual Mies Campus Network Registration

The annual Mies Campus network registration process began on Friday, July 31, 2020.  Network registration is necessary to comply with federal regulations.

On which devices will I be prompted to register?

  • New devices on the Illinois Tech wired network (e.g., laptops, desktops, etc.);
  • Devices that have not operated on the IIT wired network in the past 10 months (note the longer-than-usual time frame due to COVID-19); and
  • Wireless devices that are incompatible with the 802.1x authentication protocol (e.g., gaming consoles, streaming devices, etc.) that have not operated on the network in the last 10 months.

For all other regularly-used devices, there is nothing you need to do.

To register your device, please open your browser (e.g., Safari, Chrome, etc.).  If you are not prompted to register when you open the browser, please type in the URL: and follow the steps indicated.  Please be sure to use your IIT email address, i.e., for students or for faculty and staff.

Additionally during the registration process, you will be asked—depending on whether you are registering a desktop/laptop or mobile device—to “accept” or check a box and “validate” your understanding and acceptance of two Illinois Tech policies: “Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct;” and the “Acceptable Usage Policy,” which you should read before you “accept” or “validate.”  You must then reboot your device to finalize the process.

If you have any questions on how to register your device, please contact the Support Desk at

As a final note, this is the last time Illinois Tech will conduct an annual registration process. Beginning in September this mandatory, regulatory compliance procedure will happen on an ongoing basis, with the system automatically unregistering devices that have not been used on our network during the preceding six months.