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  • Annual Mies Campus Network Registration

    Annual Mies Campus Network Registration

    The annual Mies Campus network registration process began on Friday, July 31, 2020.  Network registration is necessary to comply with federal regulations.

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  • Securing IIT’s Wireless Network

    Securing IIT’s Wireless Network

    Over the past several years, the Office of Technology Services (OTS) has upgraded the IIT Main Campus wireless network to a faster and more secure technology. The secure (encrypted) wireless network, IIT-Secure, is available in most campus buildings and will continue to be deployed throughout the campus. In late July, OTS will begin disconnecting the non-encrypted IIT-WiFi wireless network. When the IIT-WiFi network is disabled, the OTS managed networks on Main Campus will be: IIT-Connect: a gateway for current IIT students, faculty and staff to set up their wireless devices to use the IIT-Secure network. All users should select IIT-Connect the first time they use wireless on Main Campus or before attempting to connect to IIT-Secure and follow the instructions to set up their device. After initial set up is complete, IIT-Secure will be their preferred wireless network. IIT-Connect is also the wireless network for IIT guest and tenant use. IIT-Secure: IIT’s primary wireless network. Users must use their myIIT login to use the network. IIT-Console: a wireless network dedicated to gaming systems in student housing. The legacy “iit” network will remain visible in some locations. However, when the wireless infrastructure in those buildings is upgraded, “iit” will be replaced by IIT-Secure.

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