Blackboard 9.1 for Faculty

Just a reminder – Blackboard 9.1 will be the live university course management system in January 2013. About 80 faculty have already logged in to see Blackboard 9.1 for themselves – have you?

If you’re faculty, you can explore 9.1 as an instructor in your own permanent course shell. Faculty will have to move course content from Blackboard 8 to Blackboard 9.1. For assistance with exporting and importing course content between systems, visit the Blackboard @ IIT Google site for information and a link to the new Blackboard. Use your regular UID and password to log in. Please sign up to attend an orientation, or request a department or topic specific session, here. Sessions do not necessarily focus on the “How-to” but focus instead on the “How could I?” and even the occasional “Why would I want to?” Now is the time: Explore 9.1 and get ready for January!