CyberHawks Win CCDC Midwest Wildcard Event

The ECE Department is proud to announce that our Illinois Tech CyberHawks won the CCDC Midwest Wildcard event on February 24.

The CCDC Midwest Wildcard event is the last chance for teams from 9 states to qualify for the Erich J. Spengler Midwest Regional on March 15 and 16.

The event consisted of 18 teams that were tasked with defending a virtual environment from a team of professional red teamers. If the red team was successful in bringing down a team’s services, they would need to identify and remediate the incident before a service level agreement would kick in, taking away points. Additionally, each team was required to respond to business injects, which challenged teams on their IT and cyber defense skills. At the end of the day, Illinois Tech came out on top and will be advancing to the next round.

Go CyberHawks!

Our team included:

  1. David Arnold (Computer Engineering)
  2. Przemek Warias (Computer Science)
  3. Kat Stevens (Applied Cybersecurity and Information Technology)
  4. Nicholas Quigley (Applied Cybersecurity and Information Technology)
  5. Joanna Findura (Computer Engineering)
  6. Lucas Ferguson (Computer Science)

Six members of the CyberHawks pose in a line with their arms crossed. The fifth person in the line is there virtually on a screen.