Human Resources Updates for Employees

Over the past several weeks, the offices of Human Resources, Finance and Technology Services have been working on ways to automate and streamline some of IIT’s manual processes. One outcome of these discussions is a modification to the justification form used to hire staff for a new position and to refill an existing position.

Now there is one form entitled “Justification for Hire.” Neither the process nor the approval workflow for hiring staff has changed; rather, instead of using two separate forms, the user should check the appropriate box labeled “new position” or ”existing position,” located toward the top of the form. Users can still complete the form online, attach an updated job description and manually route it for signatures. The form along with instructions on how to hire staff is located on the HR portal under the Work tab.

Another enhancement now allows end-users to change their campus address and campus phone number through the HR portal. Users can now go to the Work tab in the Employment Details box and click on the “Update Campus” link, log in again to the portal and update the address.

Please contact Human Resources at 312.567.3318 with questions about either of these two changes.