Virtual Spring Universitywide Faculty and Staff Update, March 31


Please join me, Vice President Mike Horan and Provost Peter Kilpatrick on March 31, 2021, from 10–11:30 a.m. CDT for our virtual spring universitywide faculty and staff update meeting.

Mike Horan will discuss Illinois Tech’s current state of financial health through its balance sheet and operating budget, and how these two measures have evolved and developed over the last six years (2015–2021). He will also provide information about how factors such as infrastructure investment, debt reduction, growth of the endowment, and tuition revenue all impact the balance sheet and operating budget, and ultimately, Illinois Tech’s overall fiscal health.

Peter Kilpatrick will describe the university’s fiscal strategy moving forward against the backdrop of the strategic plan. Topics that he will cover include investments that will be made in the coming 12 months as well as those elements of the strategic plan that will directly result in both enrollment and revenue growth, and therefore, in student success.

While we still can’t gather in person, we look forward to providing you with these worthwhile, important updates.


Alan W. Cramb
Illinois Institute of Technology