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  • OTS Is Now Hiring

    OTS Is Now Hiring

    The Office of Technology Services is now accepting applications for the position of office assistant/Illinois Tech receptionist.

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  • 2013-14 Federal Work Study Allotments

    2013-14 Federal Work Study Allotments

    The Office of Financial Aid has notified eligible departments of their available Federal Work Study funds for the 2013–14 academic year. Department allocations were based upon the percentage of total work study funds used by the department during the 2012–13 year. Unfortunately, IIT’s total work study allocation has once again been reduced for the upcoming year, resulting in limited resources for departments.

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  • Hiring Federal Work Study Students

    Hiring Federal Work Study Students

    Departments can now hire federal work study students for the upcoming academic year. Unfortunately, IIT's FWS allocation was reduced again for the 2012-13 academic year. Departments will not be limited in the number of students to hire; however, departments will be required to contribute 25% of the student's wages.

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